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Functions of Studio

KERHONG MACHINE DESIGN STUDIO was founded in 2010. The founder has been well-known at eastern coastal areas of China in the past 25 years. He solved and overcame a series of technical difficulties for many enterprises. And his different kinds of academic papers were published on various newspapers and magazines. He helped enterprises of coastal areas to win the fierce competition of industrial upgrading. Also, he has been engaged in college teaching work, such as guiding thesis writing for Design Major postgraduates.


The main jobs of KERHONG STUDIO as follows:

Machinery Design, Research and Development, Improvements(Reversal design); International technical cooperation & technology offering;

Solution to difficulty in special manufacturing process;

High precision sheet metal, other high precision processing(3.5um for solid of revolution, 0.35um for plane);

Senior mechanical engineer services like dispatch/procurement;

3D advanced training: SOLIDWORKSCATIA software /drawing agent/video agent/ agent of Dynamics Analysis Report(Finite-element Analysis);

Design for special machinery;

KERHONG STUDIO, adhering to the academic attitude of RIGOROUS, PRAGMATIC and INNOVATIVE, wishes to cooperate with those who are devoted in machinery industry to promote China mechanical design, research and manufacture to a higher level.

Welcome to KERHONG MACHINE DESIGN STUDIO for technical communication and business cooperation.